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International Hasdaq Holdings Philippines Inc. (IHHPI) was established in 2020 in Manila, Philippines, with the full support of its affiliates in the Hasdaq Financial Holdings Group worldwide.

IHHPI finds its roots in Hasdaq Financial Holdings Group, established in Delaware, USA in 1998, which, in turn, is primarily founded on the business and operating model of the US Nasdaq OTC trading system, but adding features in its systems and services that meet the peculiar requirements of its Asian market.




IHHPI aims to invest in and build a robust portfolio of long term, viable investments in the Philippines, driven by established goals to not only continuously improve shareholder value, but, more importantly, to promote and uplift social, economic, civic and environmental status of all stakeholders, while remaining steadfast in its pledge to integrity, performance leadership, teamwork, commitment to its mission and excellence in its craft.

The business tenets of Hasdaq Financial Holdings Group have finally reached the Philippine shores through IHHPI.  It is hoped that the further expansion to the Philippines shall ensure that the financial innovation through economic and livelihood reform projects and infrastructures to which the Hasdaq Financial Holdings Group is known for providing will benefit a greater and wider market.


IHHPI’s initial investments shall be in key industries such as capital finance, trading, construction, real estate development, and consulting. Accordingly, the following subsidiaries have been established to support IHHPI’s expanding portfolio in the said field:

          Hasdaq Philippines Capital Finance Inc.

          Hasdaq Philippines Trading Inc.

          Hasdaq Philippines Realty Inc.

          Hasdaq Philippines Precast Inc.

          UPS Consulting Inc.



To continuously bring and enhance the value for our shareholders, partners, employees and community through superior returns.

To deliver a diverse range of established and pioneering products.

To consistently maximize every investment opportunity.

To have a working environment where our employees may achieve their professional and personal goals.

To help our clients achieve their short-term as well as their long-term financial goals.



To provide high-quality business, and investment opportunities, services and products.

To be a trusted partner and a respected leader in global asset management.

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